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Raihan Ali
14 de jul. de 2022
In Discussões Gerais
It Together with the Host Lin Hengjun. Taiwan's New Economic Type "Home Economy" Has Developed by Leaps and Bounds Under the Epidemic. Program Highlights the "New Economic Model" of Entering the House the Epidemic Has Disrupted Behavior Patterns, Added Many Restrictions, and Changed the Original Consumption Habits. for Example, Reducing the Frequency of Going Out Is a Behavior Change, and the Consumption Behavior That Could Have Gone Out Had to Make Some Adjustments Under the Influence of the Epidemic. a Model That Can Also Be Consumed at Home. (2:23~3:27) Extended Reading: the Epidemic t shirt design Has Fueled the Economy of Those Tech Houses? Shifted Consumption Behavior Becomes a New Habit New Business Opportunities Have Been Created Because the Epidemic Has Changed Consumer Behavior, but What Is Interesting Is That When the Epidemic Gradually Eased, the Behavior That Was Forced to Transform Seems to Have Become a Habit and Cannot Be Returned. (3:39~4:27) Changes in the E-Commerce Industry During the Epidemic Not Only the Delivery Industry, but Also the E-Commerce Industry, Which Can Shop at Home, Has Also Become a Substantial Beneficiary Under This Wave of Epidemics. from the Data Point of View, the Growth Rate Is Quite Amazing. from January to November 2020, the Revenue of the Previous Year Has Been Leveled. (4:39~5:54) Extended Reading: Epidemic Prevention Stimulates the Home Economy, and the Online Shopping Performance of the United States on Black Friday Surged by 21.6% Online X Offline: New Retail Under the Leadership of E-Commerce Platforms, the Retail Industry Is Gradually Moving Towards Digital Transformation. Through the Integration of Virtual and Real
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Raihan Ali

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